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Saturday, 20 October 2012

They're Killing Protesters in Bahrain Right Now

They are killing protesters in Bahrain right now. Town of Duraz
Bahrain 45 National Guard troops involved the suppression of the Nuwaidrat 19/10/2012

Diraz Media Network
7 minutes ago via Twitter
URGENT: Most areas of Bahrain and its towns out into the street and convulsed strongly condemned the strict siege on the town proud Aker

(Reports I have read say they are using shotguns and tear gas, chasing people down and going door to door beating people)
هدافنا : كسر حاجز التعتيم الاعلامي على ثورة شعب البحرين نقل اخبار الثورة بكل مصداقية فور حدوثها من قلب الحدث

reported by Jenny Baker

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  1. Stop The Killers- Occupy these @#@#@##'s

    R. Ramrod