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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

James Price Point is Back on-Woodside #GasHub back in play

State Govt secures land for Kimberley gas precinct

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Followng this announcement Occupy Sydney join the chorus of voices denouncing this dirty extractive play in this pristine but fragile ecological wonderland and the pittance paid to local Aboriginal Groups. There is well founded suspicion that far from merely facilitating the Browse extraction process this gas hub will be used to facilitate future onshore CSG extraction inland from Broome where preliminary testing has already taken place. 
 The Environmental assessments of this proposed Gas Hub to date are inadequate. Australian legal frameworks leave mitigation of spills or other environmental disasters as an after the fact consideration. Our current compliance regimes AND WOEFUL PENALTIES are so far behind Peru and Ecuador that Browse neighbour Chevron has shifted 1/3 of its Global revenue expectations to Australia in a case of Capital Flight from more ecologically concerned countries. Even if the extraction and logistics process were unproblematic there is the further issue of benefits accruing to outside interests in an area where sustainable local access to resources is marginal. We say "No Gas Hub=No way".  
  From Occupy Sydney we see a Government hellbent on enabling Corporate Greed over Sentient needs and to this we say "respect existence or expect resistance."   

A Project-ready site to encourage development of Browse gas
State Govt honours commitment to Aboriginal people of the Kimberley with $30million benefits package
The State Government has completed the acquisition of land for a gas precinct near James Price Point to support the development of nearby gas fields.

Premier and State Development Minister Colin Barnett said securing the land was an important next step in ensuring the efficient development of offshore and onshore gas in the Kimberley.

“It has taken substantial effort to reach this point, with the support of traditional landholders,” Mr Barnett said.

Under native title agreements reached with the Goolarabooloo Jabirr Jabirr native title claimant group in June 2011, the completion of the transaction has triggered a $10million economic development fund and $20million for indigenous housing.

“I thank the indigenous community for their courage in working with the State Government to secure this agreement and its associated social and economic benefits,” the Premier said.

Traditional owners will also have an ongoing role in managing the environmental, social and heritage outcomes of the precinct.

James Price Point was selected by the State Government in 2009 as the most suitable site from more than 40 locations, with the remote location minimising potential impacts on the community and the access to deep water close to the shore reducing the need for dredging and blasting.

“The Government is committed to delivering a project-ready site for the development of the region’s world-class gas resources,” Mr Barnett said.

Fact File
The 3,414ha of land involved in this process is unallocated Crown land, over which no native title has been determined
All interests in the land have been acquired under the Land Administration Act 1997
In acquiring all native title rights and interests, the State has complied with its obligations under the Commonwealth Native Title Act 1993
Amounts paid to the $10million economic development fund and $20million indigenous housing fund are indexed to the Consumer Price Index in accordance with the Native Title Agreements
Most precinct land will be managed by LandCorp, with the port area managed and controlled by the Broome Port Authority
The land will be returned to the ownership of traditional owners at the end of the life of the precinct
Premier Barnett's office - 6552 5000

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