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Saturday, 9 November 2013


  From 2pm SHARP on Sunday 10th November 2013 a meeting will convene to plan our next phase of volunteers who will carry on the "boots on the ground" work of Sydney's and Australia's first and only place for Homeless and financially marginalised people to get a  hot meal or drink or blanket when they are hungry- 24 hours a day seven days a week.

  Since April when we began openly operating the 24-7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource we have had some great key people. Otto Perry Tamati Monty Paul Dee and others have all carried much of the responsibility of ensuring that the service stayed there. We burned some of those good people out and it was remiss of us to do so. Our new strategy on the ground seeks to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

become part of our BOOTS ON THE GROUND.... 


The longest continuous Occupy Occupation on Earth

As at once a homeless service and protest we face some unique challenges 

The Nuremberg Defence is no defence at all. 
The Nuremberg defence is no defence at all. Introducing David.
This is Dave from City of Sydney Council: the proud front line as they steal
resources gifted to Occupy Sydney to distribute to Homeless people.
Over a tonne of Fresh Food, hundreds of blankets which could have helped
the Sydney Homeless Community wilfully Stolen and wilfully contaminated as
Dave continues to "just do his job". Tell Dave just what you think of his actions
and tell his family too. Do you think his kids will say "we're proud of you daddy?"
Introducing David. This is the City of Sydney employee who is just doing his job. Since July 3rd 2013 his job has included following the illegal orders of his Councillors and management.

 Those orders have resulted in 28 illegal raids by City of Sydney Council Workers "just doing their job"- and the wilful contamination of hundreds of kilograms of food cooking and ancilliary items supplied by the public to feed Sydney's Homeless and hungry community.

 There are no laws being broken by Occupy Sydney. Mayor Clover Moore admitted in a City of Sydney Council Meeting that Council has no powers to regulate the giving away of Food. 

 The City of Sydney Council OR Police assisting have not made one arrest nor issued one violation notice or criminal proceedings notice to any Occupy Sydney participant. Instead Council have selected to simply steal Food and resources donated to Occupy Sydney Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource. Because they KNOW from their own legal advice that legal action will expose their absurd political actions AND that the Courts are most unlikely to support Councils desires.   

 When we were visibly exclusively a Protest site City of Sydney were ambivalent to our presence in Martin Place. That changed when they became aware of our 24-7 Homeless Resource in April 2013. Spearheaded by now Prime Minister Tony Abbotts sister Liberal Councillor Christine Forster - and supported by Team Clover Moore - Council in May passed a resolution of their wish to remove Occupy Sydney.

  In 28 subsequent Police assisted Council raids there has been not one charge or infringement has been issued giving legitimacy to the view that Council KNOW they have no legal or moral basis but choose to try Sturmabteilung style to destabilise our operations.

Why are Council doing this?

  • Council are acutely embarassed and possibly want to shut down publicity of the fact that their homelessness department receives significant revenues in the name of homeless people BUT USES THESE RESOURCES TO MANAGE COMPLAINTS AGAINST HOMELESS PEOPLE OR FUND EXPENSIVE AND INEFFECTIVE NGO CONTRACTORS.
  • Council are embarassed that we have put the issue of Sustainable Accommodation for all workers being a municipal responsibility: If a council issues consents for a business to operate in its area paying workers $18 an hour, that council should have a responsibility to ensure that adequate such accommodation is available for those workers.
  • Council want to force marginalised people into the monetising processes of NGO "once were Charities" partner agencies.

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