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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Occupy4Homeless: Christmas break and HOW YOU CAN HELP

Following the 31st City of Sydney Council Raid Occupy Sydney have been slow rebuilding. Is this a sign of imminent defeat? Few thought we would survive this long. Occupy Sydney caution that you should not write #occupy4homeless off just yet: "we have work to do."
  "Christmas and the holiday season are almost upon us
an early view #occupy4homeless
and as the decorations go up in a vulgar homage to the success of commercial advertising , every year more families join the valley of broken dreams as financial stress and human nature collide leaving in their wake a legacy of another broken family.

BLANKETS AND CLOTHES CAN ALWAYS BE DROPPED IN 24 hours a day: Cnr Martin Place & Elizabeth St
" #Occupy4Homeless "
  Because most of the Poverty Industry shut down at this critical time of year, Occupy Sydney vow to maintain Australia's only 24-7 Homeless Resource even more. For us it is not because we can but we must because we are needed more than ever. 
Gifts can be sent via Direct Debit:
St George Bank:BSB 112-879 Acc 431 666 171(thank you)

  As with most Homeless communities, the Sydney Homeless Community is littered with the carnage of
economic chaos. Broken people; some of whom will never fully recover. More begin their experience of homelessness or marginalisation in the coming six weeks than at any time of year. Some will not see the financial cliff coming. Being told your job is over the week before Christmas is nobody's idea of fun. Those who find their holiday pay, superannuation and severance allowances have been chewed up as the company goes into liquidation wake up to the cold hard reality that the dream holiday they planned with family has turned into the nightmare that ripped the family apart ...despite everyone doing no wrong. 
Join our Supply Team here 
At Occupy Sydney we challenge a system which allows Corporations to treat workers as human garbage. It would be absolutely and utterly remiss of us not to help mitigate the collateral damage from the very system we critique. Occupy Sydney believe not simply in protesting whats wrong or proclaiming whats right but proactively working to mitigate the problems. Especially in a City of Sydney's affluence, Homeless people deserve the option to be able to eat when they are hungry-not when someone elses clock says they should. 
Volunteers welcome to join #occupy4homeless
 Please EMAIL US HERE or see the team at Cnr Martin Place and Elizabeth St Sydney 2000.
  Our research continuing from decades of earlier initiatives shows that almost $1billion annually is spent by Federal Government Nationally in the name of Homeless people. Once-were-Charities-today's Corporations at the forefront of wageslavery and undermining workers rights collect millions more. Homeless people have at best token input as to how that
funding is expended. The result is that the call for more funding is ever present. The "service providers" assets grow. The bureaucracy grows. The ministries grow. And the problem grows too. I'm sorry there's something fundamentally wrong with that picture and here at Occupy Sydney we've already pressed the reset button. 
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INFO: PHONE 0410 722 000

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