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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Vlad #Bikie Laws? not only bikies are affected

#VLAD:not only against bikies
VLAD can be used against any three or more people...
and we are rallying against VLAD because... 
Join us: Ride for Freedom and Stand up for our Liberty.
NSW State Parliament,
10am Sunday, Dec 1st

The Queensland Government have named 24 organisations which happen to be mostly biker clubs as specific targets. The legislation does NOT limit the scope of these laws to bikie clubs.

  South Australia and NSW have already tried to implement similar laws; both were laughed out of the highest courts. 
Please copy and post in Bike shops on Noticeboards
 or where people will see it

At the most recent state heads of government meeting agreement was reached to apply these draconian and selective laws uniformly in most if not all State and Federal jurisdictions.

  Queensland is for now taking the lead in rolling these laws out.  The Newman government with its landslide victory at the last Queensland elections do not have to negotiate with an oppositional Senate or for that matter with any meaningful opposition. They can and do simply ram legislation through Parliament treating their majority as a licence to treat others with 
scorn indifference and injustice. There is no injustice of more concern than the selective application of laws. The resulting absurdity of a Father and two sons, members of a "declared organisation" being liable to Criminal prosecution for going shopping together epitomises the phrase "when injustice becomes law..." But the Newman government extend that rationale into the realm of Fascism.Not content with six months jail for the victimless crime they just created the Father ( a senior member) must also be jailed for a further 15 years  simply because he is a senior member of the organisation. 

  This is the reality in Queensland today and other States have either Similar Bills or enacted Acts or an intention to deploy them. 

   In 1853 a group of gold miners said "enough" of the expensive mining licences the British Colonial Government forced them to buy. The people stood with them en masse and the Battle of Eureka Stockade is indelibly etched in the proud annals of Australian political history. The battle was not peaceful- military forces were brought and some 27 people, mostly miners were killed. The miners won at Eureka Stockade because they stood up to injustice- and the people stood with them.

In NSW the Right to Silence became history in September this year because few stood and defended it. 

  Soon Anti Graffitti laws in NSW will outlaw chalking on footpaths and little children playing hopscotch will be committing a crime. 

 At Federal level government is negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership with 12 other Pacific Rim countries in secret. We are not allowed to know what rights federal government are signing away. 

  For todays Australians the VLAD laws are what miners licences were to those gold miners at the Eureka Stockade. The notion that any law is intended to criminalise and selectively offends and discriminates so deeply that we all need to stand up in defence of freedom and in defiance of these laws. 

  When you ask yourself "Am I safe from VLAD Laws?" you should only answer "yes" when these laws have been consigned , along with Nazi-ism to history.

 Unions , political groups , political parties, even recalcitrant churches which disagree with government are under direct threat. With the recent sacking of the Chair of the Queensland CMC for criticising government as an in-your-face perspective of Herr Newman's tolerance of criticism .What message do you think impartial judges and politically "independent" bureaucrats took from that?

  • ANYONE who speaks against Queensland government fascism faces a clear and present danger from the very government charged with protecting the people. 
  • Potentially ANY group of three or more people can be subject to these laws without ever having been convicted of any crime based on the mere desires and spin asserted by politicians.
  • Occupy Sydney are committed to standing with named 1%er Biker Clubs and members against the selective VLAD laws. Occupy Sydney are ready to stand with other organisations and groups as they are added to the list of declared organisations under #VLAD. Occupy Sydney stated in their media release "It is an absolute affront to the notion of equality which we value highly that any law and penalty would apply to some but not others within our society. Such laws, if passed, must be challenged dissented and disobeyed by the masses until destroyed and their instigators alone retrospectively subjected to the faux justice they saw fit to apply to others."  

If you think your friends civil rights and freedoms are being taken away by anti people #VLAD laws, please invite them to stand up and be counted. PLEASE SHARE THIS EVENT or THE EVENT IN YOUR LOCAL AUSTRALIAN STATE(see pinned post) https://www.facebook.com/events/1376938515882030/ . For the Facebook challenged, the share button is accessed by the cog tab to the far right of the event name.Otherwise just copy and paste the URL.

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