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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sydney March Against Mainstream Media #MAMSMsyd #Nov16

The March Against the Mainstream Media -We don't need no thought Control
1pm Town Hall to News Ltd cnr Holt & Kippax
Surry Hills
Nov 16th 2013

The Sydney Focus is on media mogul and message manipulator Murdoch. Murdoch's media reach in Australia gives him control of every election and he has successfully used his media to manipulate voting in all recent federal elections.
  As well as News Limited Murdoch controls 50% of Foxtel control of the old Packer stable of magazines and major international media assets in the UK US as well as other countries. Murdoch's News Corp has grown using some highly immoral tactics and a law library of legal minds to keep the company growing on the back of political patronage and outright lies.
  In a US Appelate Court Case 

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