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Friday, 1 November 2013

Occupy Sydney and Anonymous #StandWithJono

  Today Jonathan Moylan plead Not Guilty to allegations against him in relation to information delivered to shareholders causing Whitehaven Coal shares to plummet in value. If found guilty Jonathan could be jailed for ten years. There have been no charges laid against Whitehaven Coal for the Crimes Against nature which caused this honourable action to be taken by whoever the gallant perpetrator was. 

  Today Anonymous and Occupy Sydney Stand with Jonathan Moylan . We support the gallant stand of Front Line Action on Coal against the Corporate behemoths of Whitehaven Coal and Idemitsu-Boggabri Coal. We are alarmed that the penalty which Jonathan or anyone else convicted of "Outsider Trading" is multiples of the penalty for the comparatively common Corporate crime of insider trading-which allows huge profits to be made largely at the expense of  "mum and dad" investors.

 We wonder why Corporate Crime is tut-tutted by Australian Governments and Laws changed
to enhance the profit opportunities of expolitative corporations while undermining the Rights and Freedoms of Australian people and the natural rights of sentient beings.

 We want change. Not just immediate change but a quantum change in values which prioritises People before Profit and places Sentient Need before Corporate Greed .

Copied from Jabber(handle withheld)

A message from Anonymous:

"Greetings friends. 
The Actions of Whitehaven Coal will cause Habitat for at least 26 threatened species and two endangered ecological communities in Box-Gum Woodland forest to be wiped out...

Anonymous can not Stand by and watch this and other acts of Global Ecological Vandalism go unchallenged. 

This message is to Whitehaven Coal and its allied partners within and outside government. 

We are anonymous.

We are legion

We DO NOT forgive.

We DO NOT  forget.

At a time of our choosing -and just when you least expect us ----

Expect us


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