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Monday, 12 March 2012

May 12 call Millions on the Streets

There is a call for the millions to take to the streets on May 12th 2012. Will Occupy Sydney  be involved?? Thats up to our General Assembly at the moment but efforts to mobilise should be made soon if we are going to act... 

They said the movement was dead. That the indignation had subsided. That rage and frustration alone was never a sustainable motivation for continued resistance against the scourges of financial capitalism and the farce of our so-called representative democracy... (more)

ON MAY 12 2011, WALL STREET WAS THE PEOPLE'S TERRITORY For years, American working families have shouldered the burden of an economic crisis they didn’t create, while those who caused it now reap record-high profits.  Last Thursday, tens of thousands of us stormed the belly of the beast, Wall Street, to demonstrate...more

How will Occupy Sydney and the Occupy Movement in Australia respond???

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