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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Occupy the Courts: Lilys Camping persecution :Charles Waterstreet Representing...

Lily Hatten challenges Police camping persecution in Court
   This should be fun!! NSW Police once again provide you the public and Occupy Sydney people with the rare opportunity to turn our often dour and staid Courts into a circus. The lucky presiding Judge is sure to be entertained as esteemed counsel and Occupy Sydney master of ceremonies for the day Charles Waterstreet applies his unique brand of witticism laced cutting edge legal knowledge to Lilys benefit and NSW Police's detriment. A loss in this case for Lily is highly improbable and we wish her well...

 the rest based on an email by Jacqui 

Lily Nancy Hatten is one of Occupy Sydney's youngest, and she has been one of the most enduring and inspiring presences at Martin Place since October last year. Hatten has her hearing for a 'staying overnight' charge from the Occupy Sydney big eviction on February 2. This is Occupy Sydney's first hearing on 'staying overnight' and thus it is a very important test case in the same vein as Lance Priestly's 'camping' case on January 10.

Hatten has secured pro-bono representation by high-profile barrister Charles Waterstreet - infamously known throughout Australia as the real life maverick lawyer and prankster identity behind the popular ABC TV series Rake. Waterstreet supports Occupy Sydney and has a special interest in women groups within the Occupy movement. Proceedings will start at 9.30am tomorrow at the Downing Centre, and it is predicted to be a very interesting, lively and possibly even entertaining hearing!

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