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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Occupy Sydney Serco Facts

The Serco Group - the biggest company you’ve never heard of.

  • Governments all around the world let contracts to Serco.
  • Serco run half of Londons traffic lights and all of Dublins
  • In Ontario, Canada Serco do the drivers licence testing
  • Largest air traffic controllers in the world

-54 towers in the US
-Control Baghdad's air traffic
-Maintain the RAF’s squadron the queen flies on
  • Transportation services are spread from Dubai to Adelaide
  • The largest operator of prisons in the UK

-They increase the capacity in these prisons by placing beds in the toilets
-A 14yr old hung himself after being assaulted by an officer this was recorded as the youngest ever death in custody
  • In Bradford, all state schools in the district are run by Serco
  • Serco have been running the UKs missile defence system since 1964
  • They also look after Britains entire nuclear arsenal
  • Hold contract for setting GMT (Greewich Mean Time) time
  • The Annual Turnover of Sercos Australian Immigration Detention Contract has increased by 1200%-1994 = $238 Million-Now = $1.2 Billion+
  • 85% of workforce are Ex-Public Servants -all training and resources to handle government contracts are therefore already provided
  • In Australia Serco have a presence military base, immigration centre, 2 prisons and cross country trains such as: The Indian Pacific and The Ghan.
  • In Sydney Australia Serco run the much maligned Transport info service 131500 for Transport NSW

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