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Thursday, 8 March 2012

You can help Occupy Sydney . Occupy Sydney can help you

You can help Occupy Sydney .

Occupy Sydney can help you
The world is currently in a state of enormous change & the pace is quickening, we are faced with a global state of crisis - financial, environmental, chemical, human & spiritual.  Australia has until now managed to escape much of this crisis however, the ripple effect is coming & 2012 is the year when we too will start to experience the day to day impacts of global crisis en mass.

*There is a real risk of increased foreclosures on homes for many families already under mortgage stress. Do you trust the banks to look out for you?

*Food, electricity, transport & petrol costs continue to sky rocket.

*Centrelink our countries √Ņwelfare agency is implementing legislative changes that will continue to disempower already marginalised groups & those in need.

*There is currently around 110,000 people who sleep rough each night in Australia. The Govt has the $ to do more about this.

*We have never had such high levels of personal debt & less opportunity to earn money to repay it, the banks & big business are laying off staff by the hundreds.

*Our government is not taking the necessary action to protect our countries sovereignty or that of her citizens e.g. Constitutional recognition of Aboriginal people, Julian Assange, CSG, Whaling in the Southern Ocean...the list goes on.

Australia’s Farmers are committing suicide at a rate of about 6 a week-salt of the earth people unable to cope with the duplicity of banksters and their mountains of debt.

These are just some of the reasons why we occupy. If this resonates with your experience we can work together to support you & all those who suffer as a result of corporate & government greed.

Get in touch & participate in any of the following ways -
In person or by post: 56a Martin Place Sydney NSW 2000

General Assemblies take place Mon, Wed 6-30pm & Sat 5.30pm all minutes are available to view at our website
Website: www.occupysydney.org.au .   
Our website is undergoing an upgrade so please bear with us
Events calendar
Twitter:  #osyd or #occupysydney  @occupySYDNEY @iamverysmart @occupyMARTINPL
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/groups/225599444163983/
Occupy social network: http://occupii.org/group/occupysydney?

Working & Google Groups:
Community outreach working group: occupysydneyoutreach@gmail.com

Free school: occupysydneyfreeschool@gmail.com

Media┬√°working group: TO CONTRIBUTE PLEASE JOIN THE GOOGLE GROUP occupysydneymediasupportoutreach@googlegroups.com



General Assembly :: Occupy Together Account Number: 51298S1 BSB: 802 884
Farmers Defence : Paypal @occupysydney@gmail.com mark item Farmers Defence Martin Place Occupation accepts donations in kind and money only via collections onsite.

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