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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Occupy Sydney in Solidarity with Occupy F29 Actions

Corporate Shutdown F29

Occupy Sydney stand in solidarity with our worldwide Occupy Family and the magnificent example they continue to set. Occupy is the wind of Change and today solid Occupy activists and supporters will be the zephyr which becomes a hurricane levelling the seemingly omnipresent transnational corporations epitomising corporate greed. Shutdown The Corporations is a truly stupendous  action as the Davids of the Occupy movement tackle the parasitic Goliaths that seek to control our world. These transnational economic behemoths are the dinosaurs of our age. Held in awe by many yet facing the inevitability that they will completely exhaust the resources they prey on...their sole prey will then be humans...hmmm.
 change.org chevrontoxico.com  amazonwatch.com are some of the sites dedicated to exposing the harm these companies do. 

 As our Occupy Wall St brothers and sisters massing at Zucotti Park and other NY locations and occupiers in Portland and 70 other cities engage the corporate behemoths to end their tyranny, we at Occupy Sydney offer our unconditional support. Sorry we aren't actively participating in this crucial beginning of the Corporate targeting phase of Occupy. But we can help you and will do so online.                                                                                         Targets identified by our US counterparts include Monsanto old favorite Walmart and ALEC. In Australia unhappybanking.net.au is a sobering reflection of what happened when Banking colossus Commonwealth swallowed BankWest . A quick scan through property ownership records reveals the truth of the title :the bank that swallowed Sydney: awarded to pariah merchant bank Macquarie.The duopoly Coles (Westfarmers) / Woolworths enjoy the privilege  of being able to hog premium supermarket site locations by subverting the court and development approval processes- while causing economic mayhem with price gouging of customers and manipulation downwards of farm gate prices.Not to mention their exploitation of workers by paying unsustainable wageslavery rates. BHP and Rio Tinto has a less than perfect history of ecovandalism and persecution of locals whose crime is to exist in the way of mining projects. Anvil Mining's actions in the Congo amount to funding of State terrorism. 
 Australia is FAR from insulated from the economic crisis gripping europe and many parts of the world. Australian consumption is a primary driver of exploitation in many countries. Cheap coffee did not get produced magically. Nor did your pair of Nikes or I-pad. They were produced using exploitative practices. Westfarmers, owners of Coles and Bunnings, are a behemoth focussed on driving out the competition by exerting mass buyer power to drive minimum cost. Now that Bunnings have the lions share of the Australian domestic hardware market, price gouging is rampant. Coles prices are near convenience store levels on many items and choice is down down down. 

 Occupy Sydney must commit strongly to an ongoing campaign identifying and targeting the transnational and local corporate parasites who operate in our midst. Occupy Sydney and the Occupy Movement in Australia must identify those areas where government colludes with corporate interests to the detriment of the people.

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