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Friday, 30 March 2012

Occupy Sydney Re Occupation Call


Occupy Sydney call to reoccupy

All old & new Faces welcome
6 a.m meeting decided NOT to reoccupy at this stage as current occupiers seem to be trying to go 24-7. We have sufficient equipment and new literature ready to print. We will support the current "occupation" in principle if they choose to,but not on the ground. We do not agree with their presentation to the extent that we will not associate with it. In addition current occupiers discarded much of the equipment (which they deemed rubbish) such as heavy duty tarps needed to secure a permanent occupation. We are on standby and now willing and able to deploy a 24-7 occupation with 24 hours notice- at Elizabeth St site.

occupy sydney ,original sign from the original re occupation
when Che,Hugo ,Lily ,Christian,Lance and Peter reoccupied. 
  An autonomous group including people well known within Occupy Sydney and some fresh blood are planning a 24 / 7 re occupation at the abandoned Elizabeth St site which served us so well for so long. 
  As a direct response to the police raid on Occupy Sydney this (Friday) morning , and the subsequent abandonment of the occupation , and the subsequent failure of an emergency General Assembly called at 9am at the Downing Centre to convene or properly conduct business (due to Lilys Court matter) this autonomous call is for an Occupy Sydney General Assembly to convene on Wednesday 6pm at the Martin Place and Elizabeth St site with the intention of re-establishing a twenty four hour, seven day a week occupation at that site. Intending occupiers please bring sleeping bags.  

  We envisage that the occupation will not seek confrontation, rather focussing on delivering the core message "We want change", listening to and including the public in a necessary discussion. Much of the equipment necessary to rebuild the occupation is no longer in our possession so we will be seeking logistical support supplies of the following are required.

  • Pamphlets Posters & Printed Matter.
  • Banners Paints & Banner Making Materials
  • Top-Display Units - max height about 500-600mm. 
  • Heavy Duty Tarps- Plastic Banner material Type especially welcome.
  • Corflute - for signage.
 Note: This proposed reoccupation will be cancelled should others choose to re establish a twenty four seven occupation at either site. It is not the intent of the proponents to oppose or replicate ANY PERMANENT occupation... 

This action has been called autonomously by a group associated with Lanz an occupier.

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