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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Occupy Sydney Radio Occupy Updates NewTribez Radio

Occupy Sydney 's Radio Occupy Updates
8pm this Wednesday ADST ( 9am GMT )

Occupy Sydney has partnered with @NovakaynPeace and NewTribez.net  to bring you a one hour weekly Occupy  Radio Show on NewTribez Radio .  

 Our Pilot show will use a mix of music and Change advocacy to provide stimulation and stress relief bundled in a one hour package. 

  Voices from Occupy Sydney and other Occupii will deliver the aspirations of Occupy while Julian Assange's mum Christine will also feature prominently. Thanks to all who made the show possible.....

To become a voice of Occupy on the next or Future Radio Occupy Updates weekly shows simply record your message (audio or video) & send to this email .

heres Christine Assange...

and Novakayn Peace Activists

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