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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Free Store Day at Martin Place this Sunday (21 July 2013)

Several autonomous groups have mentioned an intention to set up Free Food Free Goodies and Free Classes throughout Martin Place this coming sunday. 
 We have heard that there will be free art displays free barbecues and even Free Speech as autonomous citizens exercise their Freedom (while they still have it) to use Public Space for the benefit of the Community.

A Food Drive to Supply the Occupy Sydney 24/7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource is being generated organically. Please join in. No registration required.Just colle t food  fresh canned or packaged and bring it on in. The Stage on Martin Place near Pitt St is the venue or you can drop it off directly at the Occupation (corner of Martin Place and Elizabeth St).  Heading up a powerful 2 band Punk Rock act will be internationally acclaimed local punk rock activist band Liberation Front bringing " Food for Thought" to the fore as we de consent The City of Sydney's unwritten policy of Starving the Homeless out of Sydney or using Food as a bait to entrap homeless people into programs where they are monetised or subject to information rape.

Food Security is a pressing concern as fewer large corporations grab greater control over our food and water supplies by buying complicit governments. Hear Liberation Front belt it out for Homeless Food Liberation....

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