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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tell Clover youre Angry!!! Leave Occupy Sydney Alone.

Rally 5pm 29th July at Sydney Town Hall. Council Meeting


Facebook event here
Occupy Sydney have maintained a 24/7 Protest presence in Martin Place since Oct 15 2011. Until Occupy Sydney began operating Australias only 24/7 Walk up Homeless Hot Food Drinks and blankets service The City of Sydney Council did not object to Occupy Sydney's presence. But the threat of an effective Homeless Peoples service undermining the comfortable lies perpetuated by the City of Sydney's Homelessness Unit, Council voted that Occupy Sydney had to go.

  •  Since July 5th Council have conducted four arbitrary surprise raids on the peaceful Occupy Sydney Occupation and 24/7 Homeless kitchen. They have stolen eight truckloads of Occupy Sydney protest and proactivist signage as well as essential food and food preparation equipment. The food cannot be rescued and all materials require sterilisation before reuse because Council used Garbage trucks to remove it. Food was all donated for FREE distribution to the Homeless Community.
  • In one raid a wheelchair user aboriginal elder Colleen Fuller was thrown to the ground by a council manager and required hospital treatment. In the same incident another female Occupy Sydney participant was injured by police who violently wrested the participants private barbecue from her as she was attempting to place it in her car...see full story here 

  • The Occupy Sydney Proactivist Protest Occupation and 
  • 24/7 Homeless Hungry & Cold Peoples Resource should 
  • stay. 

  • Councillors Christine Forster and Lord Mayor Clover 

  • Moore should go.

  • We demand Council leave Occupy 

  • Sydney alone. 
The Councils resolution and subsequent actions have been draconian

A barbecue for the Homeless will again be the Centrepiece as supporters gather for a noisy demonstration against Councillor Christine Forster and Lord Mayor Clover Moores motion to Evict Occupy following Occupy Sydneys launch of the 24/7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource....
Come with noise making implements. Bring barbecue food. Come hungry.bring your anger into focus...

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  1. Clover likes to pretend she's alternate with her dog collar, but her conservative soul shines through!