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Thursday, 18 July 2013

The 5th July 2013 Raid on Occupy Sydney by City of Sydney and NSW Police

 At 2pm yesterday 17 July 2013 The City of Sydney assisted by jackboot diplomacy from NSW Police again raided Occupy Sydney taking all resources and targetting Food and Cooking equipment used to provide 24/7 Hot Food for Sydneys Homeless Community.

 Occupiers scrambled to reassemble and coffee was available by 4pm with full but limited service by 7pm

  • The Raids are instigated by City of Sydney Council with NSW Police active participants in suppressing protesters and denying them the opportunity to secure equipment. Occupiers are routinely detained by police "as an imminent threat of breaching the peace," leaving Council workers free to steal Occupiers and resources.
  • Over 100 blankets for Homeless have been taken by Council and immediately contaminated by placing them in rubbish trucks. Recent research has indicated that Council routinely collect homeless peoples belongings especially blankets in garbage trucks  sometimes returning them without appropriate sterilisation or health warnings
  • To date over 1200kgs of Fresh Food has been stolen and immediately contaminated by Council who use unsanitary garbage trucks to transport equipment stolen. Similarly pots cooking equipment and shelter equipment essential to prevent bird droppings in food are wilfully contaminated by Council. They require expensive sterilisation before reuse.
  • Police have actively prevented Occupy Participants from securing equipment, enabling the theft of those items by unquestioning City of Sydney Workers.
  • No Notification in relation to any Civil or Criminal offences has been received by any Occupy Sydney participant.
  • Police have ignored brutality by a Council Manager against a wheelchair using aboriginal elder Occupy Sydney participant

Fascist City of Sydney Council and NSW Police Stealing the 24/7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource 2pm 17/7/2013

..and here at 6-30 pm Occupiers have scrambled to rebuild for the 6th time> Coffees were being served at 4pm with full FOOD service restored by 7-30...

Homeless and Hungry people must be fed. Hot Food and drinks at night are essential. Council will not starve the Homeless out of Sydney on Occupy Sydney's watch

Urgent Shoutout
The 24-7 Homeless Hungry & Cold Peoples Resource
urgently need
Fresh Vegies and Meat
Other Food.
Lots more people to help out. We need numbers day and night.
or rock up at Occupy
ph /txt 0410 722 000

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