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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Occupy Sydney remain defiant as City of Sydney steal Homeless Resources for the Fourth Time

Defiant Occupiers and the Homeless Community are again rebuilding the Occupation and Sydney Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource following the 2pm raid today on the Occupy Sydney Occupation.

 Until the Occupy Sydney Occupation began feeding Homeless People 24 hours 7 Days a week the City of Sydney made no effort to end the Occupy protests. In fact Mayor Clover Moore denied that police were victimising Occupy Sydney on Council orders. Within days of this Occupy Sydney initiative commencing Corporate servant and Federal Politics aspirant Councillor Christine Forster saw her opportunity to use the eradication of Homeless people from Corporate Sydney as cobblestones on her pathway to federal politics. Mayor Clover Moores team of Fence sitter team and other closet Liberal councillors happily supported her.

 City of Sydney do NOT consult with Homeless people. They have a Homelessness unit whose last 2 managers Liz Gyles and Felicity Reynolds are ex poverty industry powerhouse Mission Australia employees. We know of no services provided by or on behalf of City of Sydney which provide walk up 24 hour support to homeless people.

 Angry Homeless Community members are outraged that The City of Sydney ,awash with Millions of Dollars and culpable for causing homelessness has not in decades thought to establish a place where they can get food hot drinks and blankets 24 hours a day. Unlike any of the Poverty Industry operators, many of the Homeless Community willingly contribute monetarily and in kind to the Occupy Sydney Resource because they value the ability to eat when they are hungry and get blankets when theirs are wet or gone. 

  Occupy Sydney remain committed to preventing the City of Sydney effecting its NIMBY plan to eradicate Homelessness in the City by starving homeless people out or forcing them to live in Jail-you-pay-for institutions like Common Ground.We will again rebuild and be feeding our Homeless Community Friends by tonight.City of Sydney have not once fulfilled their legal obligations to

 Angry supporters are also outraged at what they describe as "The Fascist actions of City of Sydney". Chalkupiers are threatening to exchange chalk for spraycans. Others are calling for the city to be turned into an eyesore by the simple act of tipping rubbish bins onto the streets. While we cannot endorse these actions we share those supporters outrage and fully understand why they might be driven to do these things.

 The City of Sydney has never held meaningful discussions with Occupy Sydney preferring to dictate what we should do through Nazi like jackboot diplomacy  


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