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Monday, 22 July 2013

Liberation Front : Food for Thought : Occupy Sydney

A huge thank you to activist Punk band Liberation Front for the Food for Thought Gig. 
 Occupiers , the Occupy Sydney 24-7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource and our Sydney homeless community are inspired to know that good people will not consent to the City of Sydney starving Homeless people out of Sydney City. 

 At least 3 current homeless food providers have recently been told by City of Sydney Council that their services are not needed by Homeless people in Sydney.

 One of the pilot proponents of the experimental Food Vans in Sydney City was locked out of the process AFTER building a $160000 mobile kitchen, because he wanted to use the unit part time to feed homeless people....

 Much of the "end of retail life" and "events leftovers" collected in Sydney is distributed by agencies which use food as bait to monetise homeless people, collecting information, or cajoling homeless people to participate in dead end programs. Food should not be conditional. It is a basic human need. Occupy Sydney are 100% committed to Feeding and providing blankets for Homeless and Hungry people 24 hours a day in Sydney. We are the only group in Australia doing so.

 Again, thanks Liberation Front and fans for your support....

Occupy Sydney
24/7 Homeless
Hungry & Cold
Peoples Resource
just bring food blankets clothes
cook a pot , come and help out
or come and eat
cnr Martin Pl & Elizabeth St

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