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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

#osydnews : Australia disendorses Government anti #HumanRights #Refugees Policy

Please Show your disgust at Kevin Rudds Inhumanity to among the most disenfranchised people on earth.
 7 DAYS TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN! In less than a day we had 1000 people march and occupy the corner of George St and Bathurst - start sharing posting inviting and make next week even better

Australia's mainstream political parties are certainly leading us up the garden path on the Refugees issue. If we don't want them to come we need to stop making their countries unsafe places to be. We need to stop our military being a clear and present danger to foreign civilians. We need to stand up and be counted when we see genocide being committed as against the Tamil people of Eelam in the Bupakaran era. And we have to Stand up with the reality that we consented to or participated in these peoples countries becoming unsafe even if only by our silence. 

 Occupy Sydney call for the immediate revocation of the discriminatory anti refugee Government policy and call on the Australian Federal Government to Welcome Refugees as people of no safe haven . 

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