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Thursday, 24 October 2013

23rd City of Sydney Council of Thieves Attack on Occupy Sydney 24-7 Homeless Resource

  At 8am today(24-10-2013) the City of Sydney Council of Thieves carried out their 23rd Att
When on Nov 7 2011 we said "Occupy Sydney back to Stay
we absolutely meant it"
ack on the 24-7 Homeless Site at the corner of Elizabeth St and Martin Place. 

  •  Council staff member David asked that we "not make it personal" as his children were seeing it on Facebook. We suggest that this Council Worker cease and desist from carrying out the illegal orders of his bosses-and that they stop carrying out the desires of their Corporate masters and START LISTENING TO THEIR VOTERS.
  • Council Staff member David stated that "we should keep it cleaner." Perhaps a fair request but for the fact that Council Steal our brooms dustpans bins rubbish bags. Occupiers and our Homeless community do everything we can to keep the area as clean as possible.
  • On Council's apparent offer of negotiations, we are fair and reasonable people. The basis for negotiations will be for a) Council to cease and desist their theft of our resources.b) Council to make good all damage and removals costs including de-contamination they have done to resources previously taken. c) That Occupy Sydney 24-7 Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource remain at the current site near the corner of Elizabeth St and Martin Place AND continue to operate 24 hours a day AND continue to serve freshly cooked nutritious food to those who cannot afford it.
  • Occupy Sydney's Position is Clear. The Council has no powers to prevent anybody giving away food. Occupy Sydney participants have (with one exception) NOT been served with ANY notice-a time sensitive requirement under the legislation which City of Sydney purports to enact. The Fact that after 23 Attacks not one Charge or violation notice has been issued invites the inference and empowers the assertion that THE COUNCIL KNOW THEIR ACTIONS ARE ILLEGAL but choose to use public resources to carry out illegal bullying attacks on a peaceful protest and homeless service in support of some Councillors desires.
  • Council had ample time PRIOR to initiating attacks to negotiate and did not do so or make any attempt.
  • Should Council wish to enter into discussions, Mayor Clover Moore AND Councillor Christine Forster are welcome to call (0410722000) and make an appointment so that PUBLIC and TRANSPARENT Negotiations can take place at the Occupy Sydney site. Other Council Officers welcome but negotiations solely with the instigators. 

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