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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

March Against Corruption and To Stop the TPP Sydney Nov 2 2013

Join The Sydney March Against Corruption and to Stop the TPP 
Sat Nov 2nd 

  If you were on dry land with little risk and could not swim, would you willingly board a lifeboat which you knew was about to pull away from shore and sink? Would you also be willing to pay an undisclosed price to be on it with no destination route or reason?

 The Trans Pacific Partnership which the Australian and eleven other Pacific Rim Countries are considering signing FORCES you to do all of the above and more. The SECRET  negotiations (by elements of governments and transnational corporations} are known to the public only via a series of leaks.

 The Trans Pacific Partnership will give Trans-National Corporations such as Monsanto and Chevron (Caltex) the right to sue for compensation if a future government passes laws which inhibit their desired business strategy.For example Laws which place greater environmental protection responsibilities or exclusions on Extractive ( CSG , Tar Sands , Mining Logging ) operations. Or Laws banning Genetically modified cropping and the application of toxic Roundup.

 The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement sought by Australia and the US will extend the life cycle and application of Patents and Copyright.

 In signing away YOUR RIGHTS and FUTURE GOVERNMENTS and CONSTITUENTS LIABILITY-WITHOUT CONSULTATION  the Abbott Government follows in the muddy footprints of the former Labor Government down a path of government by consultation ONLY with vested Transnational interests. 

 This is what Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the Labor Party before him want to commit you-and Future Australians to-

 the Trans Pacific Partnership could be an international agreement umbilically attaching Australia to the carcass of the dying US vulture. Heavily advantaging US based and other TransNational Corporations. 

Without government telling you what they are signing away -in your , your childrens and your future generations name.

  We demand

No TPP Fast Track
There must be full disclosure to the public AND CONSULTATION by government of the full terms to PRIOR to signing this or any agreement.  

  As Pepe Escobar points out here the USA has more than a passing vested interest in rushing the TPP through. The US wants other countries inextricably linked to its failing economic model 
In a time where Government is no longer acting in the best interests of society but instead has been high-jacked by the interests of corporations, there will be a Global Day of Action against corruption.
Some examples;

- Liberal & Labor Governments have both consented to selling out your and future Australians Rights to TransNational Corporations WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT.When injustice becomes law disobedience becomes duty... JOIN HEREhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/STOPTPPAustralia/

- The Aus Govt. proposes making boycotts illegal, our last vestige of showing disproval of a companies or Government's destructive practices.

- Government Police bully farmers at the behest of CSG companies to frack their land, when by rights the Police (who have to act according to Govt. policy) are themselves not acting in the best interests of society because Govt decisions are swayed by private corporate interests-themselves subservient to transnational corporate controlled market forces.

- Government bullies citizens of Sydney to enforce coal mining and CSG in our water catchment areas when 84% of the population wants no CSG endangering our water supply.
- ASIC pushing for a 10 year sentence on Jono Moylan for bring attention to corruption when corrupt corporate official John Gay gets away with a $50,000 fine for ripping off $800,000 for personal profit.
- The US Govt. at the bidding of the private military sector charging Chelsea Manning with crimes when the war criminals she exposed go unchallenged.
- The US Govt. at the bidding of the private military sector has a secret grand jury charge against Julian Assange and our Govt. does nothing about it.
- The Russian Govt. at the behest of private oil drilling companies charges peaceful Greenpeace non violent direct action activists with piracy when all they were doing was trying to bring attention to the real crime, the destruction of our environment.

This pattern of corruption of our democratic system that must stop, Governments are at the employ of their societies and must act on our wishes. It is time we took our place with Non Violent Direct Action, together we are strong, the more People the stronger the People Power.

Our Position is VERY SIMPLE


to secret deals made in our name.




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