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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Chalk Wars:: The Grinch who would Steal Hopscotch

In declaring "Chalking" a crime has NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell , whether consciously or not, just fired the opening salvo in what history will recall as "The NSW Chalk Wars of 2013"?

In Texas this Santa was arrested for chalking 

Join us 

In By passing the "Chalk Laws" has Barry OFarrell started "The Chalk Wars??"

In creating this draconian legislation, has Barry OFarrell unleashed The Chalk Monster, ?

 Will people take this chalk down? Or will they chalk up?

Will the People chalk up another one for Barry or another one for the people?

The Barry OFarrell Government has introduced "Chalk Laws" outlawing chalking in NSW. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-09-19/nsw-anti-graffiti-laws-to-also-outlaw-hopscotch-squares/4967772 .While it is spun by government as an anti grafitti measure "Chalk Laws" outlaw a right to communicate effectively...and to play hopscotch.

Chalk can be washed away by water and "The Chalk Laws" can be washed away by YOU THE PEOPLE

 C'mon , you hopped didn't you?? YES and you had fun...but now Big Bad Barry wants to erase hopscotch from the dwindling list of Freedoms you once enjoyed.When enacted these laws will make making chalk hopscotch squares a criminal offence. 

  We strongly suspect that the reasons stated in Parliament for "Strengthening the Anti Graffitti Laws": The "Major damage to Trains" -is mere spin to soothe the public. The real reason is to make visual communication the exclusive prerogative of those who can afford to buy consent- or those singing a song which keeps a subservient public singing along . 

 Occupy Sydney question these laws as unnecessary impositions on our freedoms.Freedom of expression (including but not limited to political expression) and of course the freedom to play hopscotch.... 

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