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Sunday, 27 October 2013

March Against DoCS Corruption Nov 2

 The March Against DoCS Corruption bloc within the Sydney March Against Corruption invites the public to ask some very simple questions.

  • Why are DoCS (Todays Communities NSW) not obliged to electronically record all interviews with all parties to a "Child Protection" case?
  • Why are DoCS instigated Family cases not adjudicated in an open Court where the Evidence Act applies?
  • How many forcibly or coercively removed children are currently in DoCS generated Care placements, and what is the annual gross revenue cost of such placements?
  • Could the Children placed within the Care placement industry reasonably have remained in their homes or in the care of a family or community member?
  • Have DoCS or other government agencies entered into contractual agreements to provide case management NGOs with a minimum caseload and if so, how do they ensure that the caseload is met?

 These are some of the many standout questions successive government ministers Royal Commissions and Inquiries have failed to answer as successive Governments ingenuinely apologise or agonise over Stolen Generations which never ended.

 Reasonable people with reasonable questions deserve reasoned answers-not glib departmental spin. 

"The numbers will be low at the March. Most affected families have been bullied traumatised financially crippled and cowered into submission by a draconian out of control Government Department which we accuse of State Terrorism. We demand a Public Inquiry into what we say is Systemic Corruption in the relationship between DoCS/Human Services, Childrens Courts NGOs and Related Mandatory Reporting Government and NGO agencies" said a spokesperson for the organisers.  

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