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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

2nd Anniversary From 11am 12 October 2013

Food Security: controlled by the people ourselves means not only disenfranchising Corporations which
seek to monopolise Food sectors but reconnecting with the knowledge and resources to maintain self controlled food supply
Whats wrong: Genetically Modified Foods
MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO (11am from Town Hall ) will precede the Anniversary and the #NoGMO #FoodSecurity message will Open the Anniversary.https://www.facebook.com/events/123768194496003/

.Whats Right Sustainable Permaculture

Desertification, climate extremes, weed infestations and fire storms are just some of the many symptoms of our impact on the environment. As biodiversity decreases pest and disease increase and with the lose of biodiversity comes pestilence and plague.  Its time we stopped reacting to the symptoms of our poor land management practices and begin acting.  Come and hear how Equilibrium Future Solutions is working closely with community to implement and demonstrate holistic approaches to our current environmental and social dis function.  Ian Sutton of Equilibrium Future Solutions (Sustainable Permaculture) will be Speaking at the Anniversary & Hosting a breakout group/ infodesk after https://www.facebook.com/pages/Equilibrium-Future-Solutions-Inc/263255263696842
Whats Right: 24-7 Food and Drink For Homeless Hungry and Cold People:
Occupy Sydney have been providing FREE FOOD Hot Drinks Clothes and Blankets 24 hours a day since April 2013. All are crowd sources FREE FOOD will be available from the expanded #247Homeless Hungry & Cold Peoples Resource with Free Hot Drinks also available. https://www.facebook.com/OccupySydneyHomelessSupportNetwork

Whats Right: A Solar Cooking demonstration will show how to make procure and use some inexpensive solar cooking equipment -leverage FREE RENEWABLE ENERGY FROM THE SUN  

NSW Dept of Communities -which as a reward for their incompetence in managing their Childrens responsibilities have been given Health Housing and Education -are The NSW State Terrorist Department beating countless hapless families into submission with powers Nazis wish they had- Courts where the evidence act doesnt apply- the ability to write reports without recordings and reinvent truth to suit their own state child abduction agenda. It would be absolutely and utterly remiss of us not to give disaffected people the opportunity to include their issues at the anniversary while informing the wider public whats really going on...Thanks Colleen Fuller of Occupy CAP and Docsbusters for taking on that responsibility.

The Stand up for the Burrup Campaign advocate for the unconditional insitu preservation of the Oldest and largest collection of Rock Carvings in the World- At the Burrup (Dampier Peninusla) in Western Australia.In an unconsciencable act of heritage vandalism WA and Federal Governments have adopted an Eyes wide shut view as industry extractives and Shipping priorities have held sway over development of the area. The Burrup has only limited Protection at State level.It should be World Heritage listed. 

 Occupy Sydney have been a participant in the local element of this Global Campaign. Stand up for the Burrup have generously consented to production of a Special Occupy Sydney 2nd Anniversary Edition of their CD being released especially for the Anniversary - Stand up for the Burrup will have an onsite info desk. 

The Farmers Report: How NAB cheated a 100 year Farming Family:  Its Always Been About the Banks: If we took away Corporate welfare and Governments penchant for protecting bankers and Corporate Gods from the people we would be a huge step closer to a reason to de-Occupy. Claire and Chris Priestley fought a valiant struggle against the mega resources of NAB- they never had the Opportunity to have the facts of their case tested in Court. Occupy Sydney have supported them through as much of their case as we could. Hear their story ....
IDLENOMORE Solidarity Sydney Australia will have an info deskhttps://www.facebook.com/IdleNoMoreSydneyAustralia 

OCCUPY Spirit -The Yoga Community has been with Occupy since day one and have a dedicated space... https://www.facebook.com/events/415355218566491/

At 3pm No Basics Card No Work-for-Dole No Intervention Rally 

Single Parents will raise the issues of being forced onto Newstart and the downstream negative impacts.
Concerned Newstart Centrelink clients will speak out on effects of Abbotts draconian proposed policies.
The Intervention Basics Card Income Management and Work for the Dole will be addressed.
Open Mic

5pm Occupy Sydney Release National Strategy for Housing Affordability and to End Homelessness:  https://www.facebook.com/events/534045776674722/

There Will be a Freestore and a Peoples Library operating  near the Kitchen at the Occupation site


Entertainment will be headlined by Liberation Front ...

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