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Sunday, 6 October 2013

National Strategy to end Homelessness and Ensure Housing Affordability.5pm Oct 12 @ Occupy Sydney Anniversary

A swarm of Government departments and Peak Bodies NGOs have monopolised the Australian discussion about Housing and Housing Affordability for decades. Under their stewardship housing has become less affordable and homelessness is firmly entrenched. Every year there is a call for more funding. Government departments get bigger. NGOs get bigger. And the problem gets bigger. 
Doesnt that sound like a complete waste of taxpayers and donors dollars to you? 
We need to end the Housing Affordability Crisis.

 Our proposal includes;

Immediately ending negative gearing for non resident investors.

Adding a Municipal responsibility that all businesses workforces be assessed quantifying exactly how much each employee will be paid and where they will be able to afford to live in that authoritys limits.

Forcing all Motels Hotels Serviced Apartment Complexes and Travel Accommodation Service Providers to give over a percentage of their accommodation to affordable housing. With tax breaks .

Affordable housing purchase to be indexed at 30% of nett income. Rent at 15%

Come and have your say on Australia's lack of Housing Affordability and Ending Homelessness Nationally 

5pm October 12 2013 @ Occupy Sydney 

An Event within the Occupy Sydney 2nd Anniversary :

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