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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Rally #Oct12 3pm -No Basics Card! No Work for Dole! No Intervention ! Society before Economy

Abbot has flagged a series of "Penalise the Unemployed" measures. Expanded Intervention/ Quarantining takes away the Claimants ability to budget effectively by reducing procurement options to the two most expensive options for fresh food in Australia. Mandatory Quarantining is a small business killer too. Fruit and Veg Shops in low socio economic areas will close and their owners will perhaps join the Dole Queues and rows of corporate wageslaves 

  • Abbotts policies are a direct continuation of the Howard /Rudd / Gillard / Rudd policies which rob the poor to feed the greedy. 
  • A Workshop for Affected and Potentially Effected People will develop information support and strategies aiming to deal with these anti people changes.
  • A call will be put out to Unions to place work bans on all Centrelink based activities related to basics cards and work for the dole.
  • A Proposal to boycott ALL Work-For-The-Dole Agencies and Basics Card outlets will be put.

CENTRELINK CLIENTS are CLAIMANTS not BENEFICIARIES!! When they work they pay tax so the Government supports them when they do not.

Going forward an invitation to the formation meeting of The Claimants Alliance will be put out.

Endorsed by Stop The Intervention Collective (STICS) and Occupy Sydney as participants in this grassroots Event 

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  1. i wish i was able to attend but i live on far noth coast and am unimployed single dad some of my friends already have relatives living under these conditions there akin to the white australia policy in 2 many ways to be called anything else, except there talking of roling it out to all now which just changes it from racism to good old eugenics