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Thursday, 22 January 2015

MEGA:As promised a fully encrypted Skype alternative from Kim Dotcom

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 Kim Dotcom delivers again with his new Mega.NZ platform an exciting new alternative to skype. Announced via the Mega Facebook page today, the service offers end to end encryption between parties. 
 Mega provides 50gb FREE cloud storage with convenient and powerful always on privacy.
 Their android app claims faster photo backups. There are apps for IOS and Windows whose lucky users have been able to use MEGA since Dec 23rd 2014.
 Mega's browser-based User Controlled Encryption (UCE) is unique in providing automatic encryption for all data transferred to and stored on Mega's cloud service. UCE means that only the user controls the encryption key. This provides a level of privacy and security that is unique, and allows Mega to position itself as "The Privacy Company".

 MEGA's new SDK allows you to easily build your own MEGA app for major platforms (Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS and Windows Phone): https://github.com/meganz/sdk

Post by MEGA.

Mega assure that the individual circumstances being experienced by Kim Dotcom have no impact on MEGA. Your data is safe and secure. 
 In the surveillance age when corporations and government are demanding and insinuating their invasive data surveillance demands into every aspect of our lives its refreshing that Kim Dotcom's team have come up with this tool. 
 We've found some other useful tools for people concerned with privacy at 
 Occupy Sydney can be contacted on Mega email occupysydney@gmail.com

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