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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Charged Chinchilla CSG Whistleblower's case adjourned...

 In a continuance of the high farce surrounding the arrest of Chinchilla anti-CSG activist John

Jenkyns his appearance today resulted in a further adjournment until the end of January because someone on the prosecution side didn't have their paperwork together.
  This is a typical police prosecution tactic used to draw out a case to the point that their ultimate loss in some years time means the charged person's freedom to protest has been undermined. It is the resort of politically motivated state prosecutions where police and prosecution know their case to be contrived or at its highest extremely weak.


North SydneyNSW2060


 In the CSG mining dependent Queensland country town of Chinchilla today a resolute group of outraged supporters stood in solidarity with John Jenkyn. 
 The next appearance, on 29th January 2 days before the Queensland snap election is expected to see many centres especially in Queensland roll out Supporter Solidarity Rallies like the spirited Rally by Sydney activists today. A Sydney Rally will is being organised and will be added to this.

Occupy Sydney and Love Activism combined statement
"A Sydney Anti CSG Whistleblower solidarity Rally today called for widespread public support for vexatiously charged Queensland Gas Company CSG extraction affected resident John Jenkyns.
Corporations go to extraordinary lengths to avoid the effects of protest, none more so than todays target who not only shut uo shop but demolished the building they previously occupied.

Today Whistleblowing anti CSG activist and CSG affected resident John Jenkyns appeared in Chinchilla Court charged with using a carriage service ( Facebook ) to deliver a menace against Queensland Gas. The hypocrisy is stark. QGC are menacing and causing actual personal harm to John his community and our
environment yet there are no charges against them because the Queensland government have decreed that it is legal for Corporate extractive operators to cause mass harm to people communities and the environment but illegal for people to tell the truth about their operations.
This use of law to effect terror extract activist silence and render protest opposition ineffective is a backdoor implementation of laws which will apply to all under the TransPacific Partnership if and when that draconian instrument is ever implemented.
Johns charges do not serve the interests of justice. Instead they serve to cause fear within the activist community of costly legal hurdles and persecution by a police force empowered to protect corporations against the will of the people.
Johns charges if proven have ramifications for social media users who will all be at risk of malicious persecution by police for anything they say online. Given Queenslands predisposition to use laws such as VLAD which selectively apply to government chosen sections of the community the reasoned expectation is that these laws will be used to target anyone who opposes government~corporate conspiracy against the best interests of community and environment.
Occupy Sydney and Love Activism stood in Solidarity with John Jenkyn today to show John that he is not alone. And as the hammer of injustice seeks to crush activists globally we will stand with them too. When injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty. We call on and encourage the public Australia wide to take a stand for Johns right and freedom to tell the truth online."

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