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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Leard Blockade: Golden Guitarist Luke O'Shea locks on

Golden Guitarist Luke O'Shea is the latest defender arrested after locking on against the destructive expansion of the Whitehaven and Idemitsu-Boggabri Coal Mines which will destroy much of the unique Leard Forest habitat.
"Let us all remember our forefathers defining ANZAC spirit & courage as they answered the call to join & help their mates already over the other side of the world fighting for their lives.
One hundred years on, the call for help and for backup is coming now from our own mates and family members, whose lives & livelihoods are being attacked in our own back yard, on our own Australian soil.
The enemy has not used bayonets or bullets to invade, but bureaucracy and bullshit. Too much of our country is covered in mining licences." - Luke O'Shea
Join Luke in the fight and come out to the ‪#‎LeardBlockade‬ for Bat Attack

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