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Sunday, 25 January 2015

IND MP MP Peter Wellington calls for Newman electoral voter blackmail investigation

 Peter Wellington: (posted on facebook) I am writing to the Queensland Electoral

Commission to investigate Newman’s threats to voters On Tuesday I will send a formal letter to the Electoral Commission asking them to investigate threats made by Premier Newman and his candidates to vote for the LNP or miss out on promised infrastructure and services. These outrageous bribes or threats to voters could breach the Queensland Electoral Act and attract a term of imprisonment. Recently we have seen the Premier and his candidates warn electors that only if they elect them will they receive any promised advantages to their electorate. In other words, vote for me or get nothing. Tomorrow is Australia Day and the behaviour of this Newman LNP Government falls far short of that which we expect from our leaders. No longer in Queensland is everyone equal before the law, and no longer does the LNP govern for all Queenslanders only those who vote for them. Please share.

Campbell Newman says he cannot guarantee the Liberal National Party's big spending promises, even those with bipartisan support, if the party wins government but not the seat a project is in. (read more ABC )

Occupy Sydney urge you (if you are a registered Queensland voter) to support and endorse Peter Wellington's call by writing to the Electoral Commission yourself demanding that they investigate the legality of Newmans crude blackmail attack.A call for cancellation of the election could be added. Please add your voter ID. 
Electoral Commission Queensland

Electoral enquiries: 1300 881 665 
9:00am - 6:00pm Monday to Friday,
9:00am - 5:00pm SaturdayFax: (07) 3229 7391Email address: ecq@ecq.qld.gov.au 


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