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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Lower Macquarie eco destruction: out of sight out of mind?

What's happening in the Lower Macquarie ? 
Over the next three weeks the Harris Aggregation have plans to slash and burn trees in a massive area of the Glenacre / Larrimar properties. 
The slash and burn operation which began about December the 18th 2014 has already cleared a large area. There was not even a notification to neighbours much less a public process giving the public and local stakeholders There are a number of concerns - our first being for the wildlife habitat. 
Death Adders lizards and other fauna depend on the dead logs in the wooded areas for their existence. Other fauna depend on the refuge of the many tree clusters which will be destroyed. 
 As there has been no public notice of development we have to wonder what they intend to do? We don't know for example if they plan to dam the Macquarie River. We don't know because there has been no public notification. No permits have been posted or sighted. 
The Harris Lower Macquarie aggregation's owners have some notoriety for flouting environmental laws and a gung ho approach to applying monocultural purely for profit agribusiness methods to their properties. Their approach to this vast out of sight out of mind aggregation is no different. Already the Harris aggregation have perhaps irrepairably destroyed the valued Mitchell Grass on the stock route through Brewon's Warners paddock forcing the many kangaroos who once foraged there to go elsewhere. What else will they do to turn the aggregation into a monocultural dustbowl? It beggars belief that government would consent to such widespread wanton environmental destruction. But perhaps government haven't been consulted. A place where the major rivers of an area meet is not just the concern of the owners- water and habitat is the concern of the community - and we are concerned...very concerned... so we are taking action. This unique place is a vital link in the regional ecosystem and must continue to be so

PLEASE SIGN THE Petition https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Environment_Minister_Rob_Stokes_or_his_successor_Stop_Glenacre_DevelopmentProtect_Lower_Macquarie_River_Native_Biodivers/?preview=live

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