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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Occupy Sydney Light Brigades forming (and #StopTPPAustralia toolkit )

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Occupy Sydney Light Brigades are forming with an initial focus on the Stopping the Trans Pacific Partnership coming through the front door or the back door.

  The video above shows you the big picture about how bad the TPP will be for you. But there's much more. Government's and Corporations don't have a preference as to whether they bring it in through the front or back door...and they're trying to do it in secret. The front door is by signing the agreement. The backdoor is by bringing it in in piecemeal scraps of legislation scattered across Federal State and local body jurisdictions. Some of which will bang the door shut on our freedoms. 

Mandatory Data Retention will bring the TPP clause sought by Hollywood copyright holders through the back door if we let it. Under Mandatory Data Retention you will pay for your internet service provider to store your metadata for 2 years in case the government want to use it. There is nothing preventing government selling that invaluable metadata to any commercial interest should they choose to do so.
 Mandatory Data Retention is one of several laws which are on the table or already enacted which will put the TPP in place via the back door.

TPP to live on in other acronyms even if it fails: 

In 2015 we have the responsibility to stand up and fight back. It is the most important battle facing Australian people as well as those of other potential partner countries in a generation. It is a battle in defence of freedom. Choose your method here.
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