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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Sunfresh: The kind of businesses that support Newman,Newman supports (and business as usual)

It comes as no surprise that the Sunfresh Laundry business in Darra which Campbell Newman recently used as a platform for his election campaign is mired in the grubbiness of worker exploitation. Still its shocking to learn from concerned and bureaucratically hamstrung professionaly who spoke us only on the condition of anonimity of two serious lost time injuries at the workplace within minutes of Newmans arrival.
 According to Newman "Sunfresh Linen is a great example of a business that will save under the LNP’s strong plan with savings of about $78,000 on their water bills over two years from 2016/17 and ongoing savings of about $16,000 a year on their electricity bills."
   No mention of the plant paying workers below minimum award wages until recently-or the lost time injuries to workers. No mention of the company refusing to negotiate a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. No mention of the lack of workplace compliance standards the workers have to endure. 
 This is the type of exploitative businesses which Campbell Newman and the Queensland Liberal National Party are quite happy to endorse.  
 The plant, a family business is operated by brothers Steven Daniel and Lawrence George who were unavailable when we tried to contact them. 
(More coming on this story) 

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  1. Every second campaign visit is to this factory - so they obviously have a close relationship with the Premier and the LNP Qld. Cannot help but wonder who's sponsoring or funding who?