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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Your Internet Anonimity for the surveillance age

In this age of government surveillance, the NSA and Australia's draconian proposed Mandatory Data Retention laws the need to protect your online privacy has never been greater.
 This post attempts to provide you with the tools you might use to effect such privacy.

First up you need an anonymous email. This FREE email is completely free of data harvesting and requires no sign up.An anonymous email such as this sometimes known as a sock account. 

Your second step is to get behind a Virtual Private Network, Heres a Free Crowd Sourced version or for increased peace of mind security the very affordable VPN service we recommend Nb

Many support using the Onion router Tor Browser which is step 3 if you choose to use it. Our recommendation is to carefully read the data and particularly financial supporters. Please make up your own mind

 A jabber account is step four.

Social Networking: 
Seen.is and unseen.is (paid) facilitate anonymous sign ups and proactively disengage from data harvesting. 

You may select to join a Diaspora existing pod or build your own pod within the diaspora framework. 

For further reading on maintaining internet privacy in the age of surveillance visit the Cryptoparty handbook./handbook/

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