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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

#Occupy4Homeless : New resource for coming Sydney's unsheltered community.

when Occupy Sydney brought in this fully certified
Food supply unit City  of Sydney anti Homeless campaign
threatened to seize it. Unlike City of Sydney
Occupy do NOT operate as a Feeder service for the
"Marginalised people monetisation industry.
  After a hiatus in part triggered by City of Sydney's anti-homeless campaign against Occupy Sydney's Homeless Hungry and Cold Peoples Resource we have decided that following our exit from the program a clear gap in services exists- and in the absence of anyone else filling the void a new service #Occupy4Homeless will be launched early in 2015. 
 Recent enquiries among the homeless community in Sydney City elicited but one homeless person who did not feel our service is needed.There was otherwise unanimous support for our return. We are working on a new model which will deliver similar 24-7 food and resource services.
  The new homeless service will use our tried and tested crowd source method of raising resources but have some tweaks to services which aim to end homelessness. 
  To get involved as a supplier or volunteer kindly email us.

 Our major homelessness strategy though focusses on an end result of "zero involuntary homelessness" -meaning no Australian resident who wants a home should be without one that is affordable. Affordable meaning costing 25% of income without subsidies. To achieve this in the long term will need a quantum shift in publicly driven policy. Short to medium term solutions can be brought on board with minimal delay providing immediate and autonomous shelter across most parts of Australia-our aim is an end to involuntary unsheltered living Australia wide within 12 months of inception. 

 To become involved in our Homeless services please contact our co-ordinating project partners at https://www.facebook.com/SydneyHomelessNews ... or email us

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